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About Us

Welcome to Crickex India! We are a wagering website that focuses on the Indian market. Our mission is to facilitate our customers’ ability to wager and play safely, securely, and responsibly. Here, you’ll find all the information you need about us, including why we’re different from other websites and how we ensure the security of your interactions with us.

Learn more about who we are and what makes us special by reading on.

At Crickex India, we believe in supplying everyone with a secure environment. For this reason, we have implemented stringent policies regarding responsible gaming, data security, customer service, and more.

Additionally, we endeavour to be as transparent as possible in regards to our operations, so that you can feel confident that your funds are always secure whenever you use our platform.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gambler, Crickex India will assist you in creating the ideal wagering experience.


Crickex India is a premier online sports betting site that provides Indian consumers with the best of what the world of sports betting has to offer.

We are committed to providing our customers with an unmatched experience and maximising the returns on their wagers. Our aim is to provide a platform that is simple to use, while also providing numerous options for those who want more from their betting experience.

We recognise that no two individuals have identical preferences when it comes to sports wagering, so we offer something for everyone, from novices just starting out to seasoned pros seeking to maximise their winnings.

With Crickex India, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure, as all transactions are safeguarded by sophisticated encryption protocols. We are continually updating our service to ensure that it remains current with shifting fashions and technological developments.

At Crickex India, we prioritise our customers and provide them with every opportunity to experience their favourite sport without worrying about safety or dependability.

With this commitment as our guiding principle, we look forward to assisting you in your sports wagering endeavours. As we proceed towards our mission statement, let’s investigate how Crickex India can help you become a better bettor right now.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Crickex India is to become the foremost sports betting provider in India. We endeavour to provide each of our customers with an enjoyable and rewarding betting experience by valuing honesty, excellence, and originality. Our mission is to provide our customers with access to the finest betting lines and a secure, safe, and enjoyable betting environment.


Our mission at Crickex India is to become the premier online sports wagering platform in India.

This will be accomplished by providing consumers with an unmatched selection of competitive odds and markets on all sporting events, as well as a safe and secure betting environment.

Our team endeavours to devise inventive means of providing our customers with the best possible experience, while ensuring fairness at all times.

We are continually on the lookout for new features and technologies that will enable us to reach these objectives and provide our customers with the best gaming experience possible.

When choosing Crickex India, we want every customer to feel as though they have located the ideal location for their sports betting requirements.


Our values are an integral element of Crickex India’s mission statement. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for customers to place wagers, as well as competitive odds and markets on all sporting events.

Moreover, we prioritise fairness above all else and endeavour to treat each customer fairly throughout their time with us.

We also prioritise innovation and creativity when developing new features and technologies to provide the best possible experience for our consumers.

At Crickex India, it is essential that every customer feels they have discovered the ideal location for their sports betting needs.


Our company’s mission is to provide the finest betting experience for our Indian customers.

We want everyone who visits Crickex India to feel welcome and at ease, so we prioritise providing an intuitive interface, competitive odds and markets, secure banking services, and courteous customer service.

Additionally, we endeavour to remain at the forefront of our industry by introducing new technologies and features.

With these objectives in mind, we expect to be able to provide a pleasant atmosphere for all bettors at Crickex India.


We believe in taking risks and challenging boundaries at Crickex India. We endeavour to be the finest at what we do while remaining true to our principles.

Our team is dedicated to innovation, excellence, integrity, and trust, which are all essential to achieving our objectives. We seek to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and collective success. We value transparency and openness so that every team member feels seen and heard.

We are passionate about creating a space where everyone can learn, develop, connect with others, and ultimately have a positive impact on the world. These fundamental values are not just words on paper; they guide our daily collaboration.

As a result, it is essential that we employ individuals who share these values and will help us maintain a strong company culture as we continue to grow. Having established this foundation, let’s examine our leadership team.

Leadership Group

At Crickex India, we consider our values to be the foundation of our success. We endeavour to always act with honesty and decency in every circumstance. Our dedication to excellence propels us forward, ensuring that every endeavour we undertake meets the highest standards.

The Leadership Team at Crickex India is comprised of devoted individuals hand-selected from around the world. They provide strategic direction for the company by utilising their knowledge and expertise in various fields such as technology, marketing, finance, and customer service.

Our team is able to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers while remaining ahead of industry trends due to their leadership. With their counsel and knowledge, we are confident that our future will be prosperous.

We recognise the importance of providing exceptional customer service when conducting business online; therefore, a contact page is essential on our website.

Contact Particulars

Crickex India strives to offer the finest customer service in the industry. If you have concerns or need assistance navigating our website, we are always available to assist you. Our customer service representatives are committed and knowledgeable about all of our products and services.

We provide a multitude of channels for you to contact us:

Send an email to [email protected].
Dial our toll-free number, +91-11-44556677.
By selecting the “Live Support” button on our site, you can communicate with us in real time.

We recognise that your time is valuable, so we respond promptly and accurately to all inquiries. With Crickex India as your companion, you can rest assured that you will consistently receive superior customer service.


Crickex India is committed to providing everyone with a safe and enjoyable wagering experience. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to our consumers, both online and in person. We make every effort to ensure that each customer feels valued and respected.

Transparency, integrity, and impartiality are among our core values; we believe they are the foundation of any successful business relationship. We are proud to provide a secure environment for our customers’ data and funds, as well as a vast array of services tailored to their specific requirements.

Our executive team is comprised of seasoned professionals who share our commitment to excellence. They help us maintain an exceptional level of customer satisfaction while guiding us towards achieving our goals through diligent effort.

Their commitment has allowed us to become one of the most reputable names in Indian sports wagering.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like more information about Crickex India. We’d love to hear from you!